Pray, Chant, Meditate, Yoga, or Alone Time

The Sink Hole of Self


A rich man once asked, “What must I do to be SAVED?” Jesus had an answer for that man. He told him to sell everything he owned and to follow Him. It’s been 2000 years and people are still trying to use Jesus’ advice to one man like a law to swindle the desperate spiritual seekers blind. This isn’t just a Jesus problem. Name a religion and someone somewhere will be preaching vows of poverty. Ever see a Buddhist Monk bling blinging?  No. I bet you haven’t.

So, what is the universal answer? The common tie that binds all true seekers of truth? Vibration. Everything you see; Everything you are…Vibrates.

The Creator spoke this universe into existence. If you want to meet him you must tune yourself to be in alignment with Him. You must free yourself from your preconceived perceptions of who and what you are physically. Then you must tune into your Gods frequency. The only difference is in the technique you use on yourself. IF you are Christian you tune yourself with prayer and meditation on Jesus and His words. IF you are Hindu or Buddhist you have a plethora of tools at your disposal. ALL religions use tuning tools. Rosary’s, Prayer Rope/beads, A Cross, hymns, chants, songs, singing bowls, bells, art, silence…etc.

The different tools take you to different places. Figure out Where you want to go. Figure out Who you want to become. Then Acquire the tools and lifestyle to get there. Don’t worry about your neighbors God. Worry about who YOU are representing and trying to reflect. Trust me, if you find the mythical one path, you’ll be as powerful as the God you’re reflecting. Remember Jesus gave His disciples His powers. If you don’t have them  yet. Stop judging. This goes for ALL religions. Never, in all of history, was there a powerless enlightened man.


The Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

This book is 644 pages long. It took me 5 years to read. Not because I’m slow or that it was written weird, but because the content was hard to hear, and even harder to digest. Most who stumble upon my blog have probably been hurt a great deal by the Christian/Catholic community. No one experienced this hurt more then Sister Maria. She was a women of flaws. Frail. Most likely she suffered from Fibromyalgia along with a slew of other disorders including: extreme low self esteem, depression, and nonsexual masochism. Simply put self misery was her thing. It was painful to read her self torture. But this women, loved Christ and God through her misery, affliction and pain to reach miraculous results. Her mission in life was to prove and preach Gods mercy. Many many times we are taught the lie that God is a ruthless punisher who sends all but a few to hell. This simply is not true. God is LOVE and MERCY.  Anyone who says different is a liar and the truth is not in him.

But what about all those horrible things in the bible. Context. The bible is separated for a reason. Old testament LAW vs New Testament LOVE. In the entire New Testament there was only two groups of people Jesus  condemned-the Pharisees who were hypocrites that put hardships on their own followers so they could profit with money and power and claimed it was Gods law, and anyone who harms a child.

In short, if you are a flawed human being who has never received Mercy and can barely describe what Mercy is about, then this book is for you. If you’ve been lied to and told God doesn’t work miracles, talk back, or even care-this book is for you. If you are, in fact human, read this book.

Beware the False Prophet

In my previous blogs I have spoke about subjects normally not talked about. I want to be clear, I am on a path of Truthseaking. Many times I have thought I found a good Spiritual Director or at the very least found a fellow seaker of truth. Yet it ALWAYS ends the same, I find them in a lie. Not a type of lie that can be forgiven to the extent that they can ever be trusted again. I will not slander their names. I will instead give you something MORE valuable. A list of criteria for you while you’re on the path to protect yourself from false prophets.

  1. If they pronounce that good is evil and that evil is good. Beware the justifier of everything history has wrote about evil. It will always be light vs dark. And while the dark is capable of good deeds, it doesn’t mean its for YOUR benefit. Darkness is only self serving.
  2. They bear no fruit.
  3. Fear mongering. The sky is always falling.
  4. They want your money and not just 10%. Everyone needs to make a living, churches need to keep the lights on, authors need a muse, and artists are always hungry. But lets face it, not even the most famous singer is going to charge you 5k to meet them at a concert. Neither should your guru. For that matter, when was the last time you paid over $20 for a CD?
  5. Most importantly, they NEVER give absolutes. Just sweeping generalizations about the “universe” that “has plans for you”. The vacuum of space doesn’t plan anything. If I told you volcanic lava preordained your acne would you believe me? No, well its part of that universe sooooo… Sigh…
  6. They only give absolutes. 1 billion years ago this happened – its 100% fact. Do this and you’re condemned for eternity. Be aware of legalism on all sides.

The Truth is usually right down the middle. Stray but a little and it quickly spirals to egocentric grandstands and philosophy majors who’ve never been out of class telling you God is dead or that you’re gonna burn in hell because you worked on Saturday.

Always keep this list in mind. It will be a strong guide for your future.

The Kybalion by Three Initiates


There are many books out there on the 7 Hermetic Principles along with a myriad of esoteric materials out there claiming to give you the magical “keys” that will turn you into a super alchemist. Do NOT believe them. There is a reason why the Three Initiates wrote The Kybalion the way they did and it was to prevent the muddy waters that Pharesees create in all religion.

You have the spark of the Divine Creator within you and you, as a co-creator, do NOT need someone else interpreting Divine Messages. This is the reason why I will never tell you what a book means, but  will only ever tell you what value I place on its authenticity and truth wielding abilities.

The intention of the Three Initiates was to give a book that has within its pages the building blocks of all there is in our dimension without the veil of a set indoctrinated religion. Simply put, no matter what is your spiritual background, the knowledge contained wherein should not conflict with it.

Before continuing I will give one more warning. The Kybalion is NOT a one dimensional book. Nothing is wasted on those pages. Everything from weird sentence structure, to repetitiveness, to ‘typos’ is there for a reason. And it is for this reason I urge you not to read the internet versions or the ‘New and Improved” versions. The edits erase over half the book.

Per usual, I will not write any more details of the info contained within but move directly toward the Fact/Fiction, Truth/Opinion portion of the review. To fully appreciate my respect for this book, you must understand my past. I have studied religions, spirituality and the  sciences first hand for 30 years. And my studies were not just dusty library books or mass world religion college courses. My life has been devoted to going to Temples, Churches, Cult Rooms, Esoteric groups and science halls. There  is a truth that one can only find in practicing faith, much like one can truly only see the  rings of Saturn by looking through the actual telescope. A printed page can never make up for the glory of the REAL thing.

Now, with that said, The Kybalion IS THE REAL THING. The principles contained wherein perfectly marry the seen and the unseen, the material and the spiritual in a slap  your face way. I do not believe in all my searching that I have ever found a more “base” truth to live your life by.

If you want to get the book look for the original 1908 reprint. It’s under $4 on Amazon and a whopping 102 pages.



Ra Law of One: A Honest Review

I decided to do this as my very first post because I haven’t found that much on the internet as far as real reviews, there’s the die hards (I’m looking at you David) and there’s the trollololols. I believe that there is some good, maybe a lot of good in the channeled material. But I also believe that most of the time its filled with admittedly poor connections, miscommunications and heavy biases that make little logical sense.

Let’s get the science portions out of the way first. The books are about 75% origin science how-the-universe-was-made-and-works, and 25% spiritual. I’m not a scientist and from any point other then alchemy I don’t really know or care how the original Logos and Creator made everything. I don’t mean to sound brash or purposefully ignorant; I just can’t understand why anyone who is spiritually adept enough to do successful magick rituals of the greater and lessor banishing pentagram, then follow it  up with a working channel to Ra would spend 75 or so sessions purely talking about evolution.

This portion of the book baffles my mind, and Ra’s as well.  Many times he said that it was unimportant. Yet, the questioner persisted ad nauseum. The lack of consistency and direction left more questions then answers. Even those who have studied The Law of One for years are still trying to make sense of it. I won’t quote anything here because there’s not much to say it’s pretty much the bible creation story minus the days. The creator was first then he created space and time, time and space, then planetary systems, with logos and sub logos.

I would have loved at this point if the questioner would have asked  something intelligent. For instance: “The bible also states “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God”.  This word or logos he used to create everything, words are spoken and spoken words require a vibrational sound resonance. Is this why everything has a unique vibration? Can we use sound to heal? and so forth…. but Nope. Nothing even close. Just a dry never ending universal geography lesson with zero application ability.

At this point I want to mention David Wilcock and his Wisdom Teaching Series. He has spent a very long time decoding the science in The Law of One and applying it to sacred geometry, pyramid work and lots and lots of physics. So, I won’t go in depth here as his series is long and I’d be typing till I’m long dead to fit it all in.

Lets move on to the spiritual side of  things. As I mentioned before, the remaining 25% is spiritual knowledge. Where I couldn’t speak on the validity of The Law of One on the science side because of my own limitations, I feel very qualified to speak on the spiritual. First topic, Jesus Christ. Ok, if you have been burned by Christianity I’m sure you cheered at this section. But I’m here to tell you that what is written about Jesus in the Law of One is a bunch of malarkey. Either RA didn’t know about Jesus or Carla the “instrument” had some deepseeded animosity toward Jesus in her subconscious.

There has literally been millions of people who have had life and death experiences where they have walked and talked with Jesus and met real Angels in the human heaven. I assure you he is currently with the Creator in Heaven (heaven=where the original creator lives). This fact alone should be enough to refute anything said, but to take it further, absolutely nothing Ra said about the history or Psyche of Jesus could be true. Jesus’ path is extremely well documented in multiple cultures, faiths, and government documents. Ironically, even the “hater scrolls” that  have been found from the early a.d. eras paint a very different side of Jesus then Ra. I find it very impossible to believe that those who loved Jesus, and those that hated Him, and those that were just ‘ehh’ were all wrong, and only a half assed connection to Ra is right.

This was the start of my doubts on a majority of the problems within The Law of One. I know Ra to be wrong about Jesus. So what else is misconstrued in the text, either by Ra or by those disseminating the information?

The Evil Galactic Orion Empire. Are there bad aliens from Orion? You bet! I strongly urge you not to hop in a car or craft with a Grey or Reptilian. Nothing good will come of that. Was there a war in heaven that was fought and Orion was on the “bad” side? Yuppers! But saying that the entire star system contained within the constellation Orion is on a negatively charged path that is basically hell bent on the destruction and domination of every universe in existence and is taking over earth is a bit much don’t ya think? And if they are, they are doing a horrible job. Humans are frail, weak, and die from stupidity and colds all the time. We make horrible slaves, are violent, emotional and love war. If Orion was everything Disclosures say they are then surly our whole planet minus a few hippie compounds would have gladly joined the Orion Empire. After all, their goal is domination and assimilation. There has to be much more to the equation that this has never been accomplished, and it isn’t because of free will. Whatever the truly bad aliens want that are behind our abductions, and mindcontrol, it isn’t Galactic Domination, nor is it mere recruitment.

Besides saying the service to self path is 100% negative (bad) and service to others is 100% positive (good) is just naivety. I have spent my entire life searching and learning spiritual truths of ALL faiths. I’m not “a one book – one God” person. And in my searching I have seen the strong torn down into pieces, and the humble trampled in a loving pursuit of service to others. People will chew you up an spit you out all in the name of love, tolerance and service. Granted, Ra did mention that in order to graduate service to others (sto) one only needs to reach 52% service.

Well…how is one suppose to do that without Service to Self? You can’t. My problem with the Law of One is that it heavily insinuates that the negative path of service to self is negative so therefore bad, yet it states that there are no good or bad experiences only experiences that act as catalyst to improve you toward graduation.   This is just not true. I understand religious paradoxes, yet this borderlines on the liberal construct of “There is no right or wrong, good or evil, just different paths” Yet those who preach this philosophy are usually the first to “start a Resistance” when things don’t go their way.  They’re the first to cry Hitler, or call someone a Nazi that they dare try to have an opinion different from them.

The Kyballion teaches the Law of Opposites. Good and Evil, Right and wrong, Positive and Negative, but these three things are NOT the same thing. Batteries are not Evil or bad because they carry a negative charge. They’re just batteries. A hamburger with cheese and double bacon is bad for you. It’s not evil.

So just because those from Orion chose the negative polarity of Service to Self doesn’t make the entire star system the new “hell” anymore then Earth having a mix of opposites a purgatory.  I do believe that Ra tried his best to state this, but due to the questioner “not getting it” his point never came, just a warning that Orion has some huge baddies in it.

This also clears up the question “If Orion is so bad why are the pyramids aligned with it and Sirius?” My guess would be that they are just like batteries that work with positive  and negative charges in harmony.

This is where I would have loved questions about science that worked with them, but no. No such luck. At this point it might be becoming clear that Ra’s frustrations were well noted throughout with regards to the stupid questions, them not following health advice, having to state several times to wear shoes and get a better pillow. These observations led me to have a very low opinion of the intelligence of this group that contacted Ra. Its because of Ra’s stated frustrations that I believe Ra did not call them students until they started asking real questions about spiritual matters starting with the Tarot. Unfortunately, The group had broken down physically, spiritually, and friendwise so much at this point that it was never finished and the Questioner killed himself. Carla is dead now to, so the only answers we can get is from the L/L research page.

I am guessing that the Orion Entity that was with them, at first, just wanted to give his side of the story. It makes sense.  Once a Channel is opened it sends out a glowing beacon to other entities that you are able to communicate.  When the Orion entity found communication to be an impossibility, he simply tried to end an already very distorted, harmful communication between Ra and the group. At this point, I am having a hard time seeing which entity was good. Ra at times was delightful, but simply didn’t seem to care about everyone in the group literally dieing to talk with him. I know at times he warned of danger and “saved” Carla. But at any point, especially since the questioner asked about 100x the direction he should go for questioning Ra could of sped up the practice. Ra chose instead to let the stupid humans fumble until they were exhausted and near death.   If the Orion entity succeeded in the beginning to end this communication the entire group would have lived and gone on to learn greater spiritual truths.

To me, both entities failed in the end. Ra never got out what The Law of One philosophy was about because the questioner only cared about evolution, weapons, and history. And the Orion entity failed to end communication with all lives intact. This entire situation plays out like a Greek Tragedy where everyone dies, and the truth is never revealed.

My suggestion as a seeker is this: test all entities. Know what you want or don’t bother asking and calling. Caller beware. Calls to entity may end in death.